Subsidence Plumbing Inspection

Ipswich Subsidence Investigations

Leakless Plumbing provide subsidence investigations in the Ipswich area using our range of high-tech drain cameras. Subsidence is huge issue for home owners and can lead to some pretty big structural concerns, including damage to your drainage and plumbing systems. Our experienced team know how to spot signs of subsidence and can our drainage cameras to confirm whether your home is likely to have issues in the future. We can then work on a contingency plan with you to minimise the risks to your drainage systems.

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What is Subsidence?

Subsidence occurs when the ground underneath your home or foundation moves and puts strain on the structural integrity of the building. Usually, the ground has collapsed or sunken lower unevenly which results in additional strain being put on certain areas of your home as well as shifting any underground infrastructure such as your drainage system.

Factors such as weather, surrounding trees and plants, local mining or excavation activity can also effect the ground underneath your property. Another major cause of subsidence can be a leaking drain or water mains as the excess water softens and compacts the soil in the surrounding area.

How do I know if I need a subsidence investigation?

If you’ve recently had a major drain leak, live in a drought-prone area or have a lot of trees and plants surrounding your home and you start to notice large cracks in your walls, foundation and other concreate or brick surfaces then that is a strong sign that you should consider having a subsidence investigation performed.

Other signs of subsidence include doors and windows jamming or sticking because their frames have moved or warped as well as wallpaper becoming crinkled as the surfaces below it shifts.

What is a Subsidence Investigation?

Our subsidence investigation service can help you confirm whether the cracks in your home are being caused by subsidence. We use our drainage cameras to get a better look at what is happening below the surface and we’ll give you a detailed report with our findings and photos of any damage that we discover.

Subsidence Inspections

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