Hot Water Systems

Hot Water System Installation and Repairs in Ipswich

Leakless Plumbing provide the Ipswich region with reliable and affordable electrical, gas and solar-powered hot water systems and heat pump installations. Our team perform complete installations, repairs and replacements on all makes and models. We’re staffed by qualified plumbers and gas fitters, allowing us to perform gas installations completely in-house, and we take care of organising an electrician for all other installation. Please give us a call if your hot water system is playing up or if you’d like to upgrade to a more affordable or larger system.

Hot Water Systems

We install solar, gas and electric powered hot water systems. As certified gas-fitters, we can take care of installing your gas hot water system, and even fit gas to your house if necessary. For solar and mains-powered hot water systems, we’ll take care of organising an electrician to save you stress. Unsure of what to choose? We’ll analyse your household size and find the best hot water system model, power generation method and size for your family that fits inside your budget. We’re able to source nearly all major brands, including Rheem, Thermann and Everhot.

Looking for a cheaper alternative to electric systems? Solar is fantastic for those who can afford the additional purchase price; it’ll pay itself off in the long run. Alternatively, if you don’t have good roof access or you want to make the most of an existing gas installation, why not install a gas water heater? The increasing costs of electricity in Australia is making more and more people turn to gas and solar as viable alternatives.


Heatpumps are unique in that they suck in ambient air outside, extracting the heat and transferring it. Even when it’s not overly hot outside, heatpumps will still provide you with reliable hot water, with some models working effectively down to as low as 10 degrees. Heatpumps use approximately 1/3 the power of electric hot water systems and are ideal for people that’d like solar but don’t have the roof space or simply want a cheaper alternative to electric power without paying for gas to be fitted to their home.

Hot Water System Repairs

Having troubles with your hot water system? Give Leakless Plumbing a call! We’ve got access to a wide variety of brand-specific and common replacement parts, ensuring we can repair your system quickly.

Common faults we repair include:

  • Cold water
  • No water at all
  • Leaky system
  • Pressure release valve flowing too much

If you’ve got cold water or no water at all, please give us a call immediately and we’ll be out to you straight away. If we think it’d be financially unviable to repair your heater when compared to buying a new one with a guaranteed warranty, we’ll recommend some affordable replacement systems.

Hot Water Systems

Get in touch to with Leakless Plumbing to discuss our full range of hot water system repair and installation services in Ipswich. Call Phone 0422 442 605.