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Ipswich Gas Fitters and Certification Services

Leakless Plumbing and our team of qualified gas fitters install Natural gas and LPG systems and appliances to homes in the Ipswich region. We’ve been providing reliable and affordable gas fitting services to Ipswich homes and businesses for close to 15 years and our team of certified gas-fitters have built a strong reputation for high-quality workmanship and reliable services. We do a complete assessment of your home to find the safest installation route, taking care of appliance installation and certification after we’ve finished. Please give us a call to see how a gas installation could drastically change your power costs.

Why Choose Gas?

The cost of electric power in Australia has increased rapidly over the past decade, with the price of power in Queensland almost doubling between 2007 and 2017. Moving to gas to power some appliances, such as heaters, stoves, ovens and water heaters is a good way to reduce your power bill without paying the expensive outlay costs associated with solar installation.

New Gas Installation

Give us a call and we’ll come out to your property to install gas appliances and hook up lines around your property to the various access points you require. Our team of qualified gas-fitters will do an assessment of the property and identify the safest, most efficient and unobtrusive route for the gas line to travel from the mains to your home. We use high quality lines and regulators to minimise the chance of gas leakage or appliance failure. Your new gas installation will come with a certificate to present your gas provider. We can perform both mains natural gas and LPG tank gas installations. Please be advised that we do not install gas in vehicles.

Modifications and Appliance Installations

We can install any gas-powered appliance and make all the necessary modifications to provide them with safe, reliable and efficient power supply. Gas appliances we regularly install include:

  • Stoves
  • Ovens
  • Heaters

After every appliance installation we’ll do a pressure test to ensure the safety and reliability of your gas power.

Ipswich Gas Fitters

Get in touch to with Leakless Plumbing to discuss our full range of gas fitting services in Ipswich. Call Phone 0422 442 605.