General Maintenance

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Leakless Plumbing are a team of experienced and qualified Ipswich plumbers who provide leak, blockage and other general maintenance and repair services. Established in 2004, our team are full service, taking care of all types of plumbing-related issues, including 24/7 emergency plumbing repairs. We quickly rebuild leaky taps and showerheads, proactively looking for other looming problems in the nearby plumbing to prevent future breaks, leaks and blockages. Give us a call for fast, efficient and affordable plumbing maintenance and repairs.

Leaky and Blown Hoses

We take care of leaky and blown hoses with quick replacement of the faulty hose in question, removing the potential for future issues. We’ll take a look at surrounding hoses to see if they’re in a similar state, and at your request, we can do a complete audit of your existing hoses under cabinets and basins to see if it’s time for some preventative maintenance. If your hose has blown and you’ve got water spilling everywhere, please give us a call immediately and we’ll be out to you as soon as possible.

Leaky Tap, Toilet and Showerhead Repair

Often, a leaky tap simply requires a replacement of the O-rings and washers. If the water pressure is a bit too low, we can take care of that as well. We’ve got long-standing ties with plumbing parts suppliers, allowing us to find specialised replacement parts for most taps, showerheads and other fixtures, as well as an extensive array of general parts to get your bathroom and kitchen fixtures working again as soon as possible. In the event we think that your tap is too old or financially unviable to repair, we’ll advise you of replacement options, including like-for-like replacements and new designs to suit any budget.

Blocked Toilets

We’ll take care of any debris blocking your toilet from flushing. If your toilet has suddenly blocked without being flushed, we recommend having a camera inspection after the unblockage to ensure that there aren’t any underlying issues (e.g. tree roots). To save yourself some money, we recommend trying to unclog the toilet with a plunger before giving us a call, if you’ve got one. For better results, try pouring some hot tap water (not boiling water) over the blockage and letting it sit for a minute or two before plunging to aid the break-up of debris.

Underground Leaks

Been issued a letter by council, or under a suspicion that your house has an underground leak? Give us a call and we’ll thoroughly examine the current plumbing in your house and look for an underground leak with tiny cameras inserted into the pipe. If a leak has been identified, we’ll advise you of your options. We can usually re-sleeve a pipe underground with no hassles, even if your pipe is under concrete.

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